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Indulge in rich aromas, bold roasts, and unique flavors crafted exclusively by
immigrants, for America.

American Dream Coffee Co.

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American Dream Coffee Co.

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American Dream Coffee Co.

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Reimagine your coffee ritual

Explore our curated selection where diverse roasts from light to dark redefine the essence of your daily cup.


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Light Roast


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Medium/Dark Roast


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Medium Roast


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Dark Roast


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Blend Roast

About Us

Brewing the American Dream

Rooted in the journey of our founder, Dhiman Raja - an immigrant from India, our story is a testament to the American Dream. The belief that dreams can flourish, transcending barriers and inspiring a collective pursuit of a brighter tomorrow. Founded on the principles of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, Dhiman embraces America for the love and opportunities bestowed upon him. Having achieved his version of the dream, he considers it a duty to share this narrative with those who ardently believe in the dream and those who may still grapple with its concept.

As we grow, our team will expand, welcoming individuals who share these values. Together, we celebrate the kindness of God and the collective pursuit of a dream that knows no boundaries.


OUR Coffees

Our Coffee

Crafting the Exceptional

Join us on a flavorful journey with coffee that's sourced from all around world but made right here in the US


Our pursuit for the perfect bean takes us worldwide, ensuring each cup
reflects a legacy of quality and culture.

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Single Origin

Every single origin bean tells a unique story of its land, offering an
authentic taste of its native soil and climate.

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Innovative roasting meets eco-conscious technology so you can savor the
blend of tradition, flavor, and sustainability in every cup.

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Explore the sustainable practices that go into cultivating the coffee beans that fill your cup. From eco-friendly farming methods to fair trade partnerships, we delve into how our commitment to ethical sourcing ensures a positive impact on both the environment and the communities involved. Sip your coffee with a side of conscience.

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