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American Dream Coffee



Medium/Dark Roast

"Every post is honorable in which a man can serve his country."
Bold words from a bold man. And much like his words, his actions weren’t too far behind, especially on Christmas night in 1776.

Plagued with low morale, several defeats, and treacherous weather, General Washington made the bold step to cross the Delaware River despite all odds. This audacious move eventually became the turning point of the American Revolution.

Boldness is what we associate with independence, and it resonates in every sip of this fair trade organic bean from Bolivia. The rich aroma, heavy body, and intense milk chocolate flavors would have uplifted the spirits of Washington and his men during those trying times. Thanks to his boldness, we achieved independence and embraced The American Dream.

Live the dream, one sip at a time.

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Our importers collaborate with WCS (wildlife conservation society) to work with farmers, native to the land on the edge of the Andes mountains, and bordering the Rainforest of the Amazon.

The land next to their farms is government protected land, and the indigenous groups have decided to treat their land as if it were protected as well. With the help of WCS, they have been certified Smithsonian Bird Friendly, one of the toughest conservation certifications in existence.

Instead of clearing rainforest, Bird Friendly coffees grow underneath shade trees that sequester carbon, fight climate change and provide habitat for birds, including migratory species whose impressive journeys can take them from the backyards of the U.S. and Canada all the way to coffee farms in Latin America. All of which have also been certified Organic. They worked directly with one team member there, Jorge, who instructed the numerous cooperative members to implement pH testing when picking, washing, and drying the coffee.

This created a consistent, sweet, and chocolatey profile. The producers can now maximize their quality as well as safely grow the quantity of their production, allowing them to earn about 300% higher than the fair trade minimum for coffee.

Experience the best damn coffee in America

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